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Feature highlights from our latest versions
This is a highlight and not an exhaustive list of updates, check the release notes for all changes.

Inject custom javascript

Released in 3.12
We've added the ability to inject custom javascript into your portal. This can be helpful if you'd like to activate custom tools and widgets such as Chatbots to your portal.
An injected chatbot widget

New landing page and quote design

Released in 3.12
We've implemented an optional new landing page and quoting design with a more modern look and feel. These new interfaces are opt-in only and you can continue to use our present UI if you prefer them. If you'd like a preview please visit our demo site at
When you're ready to activate these new designs for your portals. Go to Administration -> Sites in your Hub. Scroll down to the New Landing Page section and select Opt-In. Some new configuration options will show that give you more control over the look and feel and results shown on the landing page and in quotations.
A more modern landing page
Quotations on this landing page have also had a redesign
Configure options for the new landing page in QwykHub.

Improved margin manager

Released in: 3.9
We've added 2 new calculation options to the margin manager:
  • Increase by amount: which marks up the base rate and minimum of a selected charge with a flat amount.
  • Increase by percentage: which marks up the base rate and minimum of a selected charge with a percentage.
In addition to these calculations, we've added the ability to limit origin and destination places of countries applicability of margins, giving much finer control of how they are applied.
📚 This feature has an updated user-guide, read it here:

Intelligent Locations

Released in: 3.8
Location search in Quotes will now rank results according to context. If a user has selected Air as a modality, major airports and then airports will be preferred in ranking. Whereas when ocean is selected the list will prefer major ports, then ports, then everything else.
An Air search where CDG (major airport) is preferred over Le Touquet, Le Bourget (airports) and Paris (other)
Ocean, which prefers Major Ports, then ports over others

Network Quotations

Released in: 3.6
Organizations can now authorize one another to use their rates when creating manual quotations from the Hub.
To authorize an organization navigate to QwykHub > Administration > Network Authorizations and click the 'New Authorization' button in the upper right.
You will be asked to provide either the Organization ID of the company you wish to authorize access to your rates for, or the Email address of one of their Users. Next you're asked to choose an account from among your own Portals Users. When the authorized organization creates a quotation using your rates, they'll be given the same result as the selected Portals User would get when creating a quotation through your site directly, including Margin settings.
To create a Quotation based on partner rates, an Authorized organization can simply select their partner organization at the time of creating the quotation, we will then aggregate the rates, as long as you've selected to auto-rate option when saving the quote.


Released in: 3.5

Re-quoting a previous quotation

Released in: 3.4 We've made it easier for customers to re-quote for something they've previously quoted. By going into one of their previous quotes and hitting the 'Re-quote' button we'll use that quote to populate a new request, saving valuable time on repeat work.
Hit the re-quote button and we'll set up a new quotation request.

Download shipment as PDF

Released in: 3.4 By request we've added the ability to download shipment details as a branded PDF, giving customers a record for their files as well as something to refer back to.
The PDF will contain the details of the shipment as booked, but will be updated based on any configured update feeds.
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